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Crane Truck Hire QLD is equipped with flatbed trucks for easy and versatile transport. Flatbed trucks are the most commonly used transport vehicle in the industry and are able to carry any load, any size. Our fleet of trucks offers you a variety of deck sizes depending on your needs. Ranging from 6 tonne to 24 tonne load capacity we can provide you with a transport solution for your products or goods. We can even offer you container transport if you desire.

Crane Truck Hire QLD is the only transport company that you will ever need for flatbed truck rental. 

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Crane Truck Hire QLD provides flatbed trucks with crane hire with experienced drivers that will transport your goods safely to your desired destination. Each one of our drivers and assistants is fully certified and ticketed for the truck they operate. We pride ourselves in regularly testing our drivers for compliance in order to provide you with the best professional and friendly service each time you use our flatbed truck hire. Our drivers are the best in the industry and they strive to provide you with the most efficient and expert advice for your flatbed truck transport needs. Our friendly and helpful drivers have a reputation for being the best of the best flatbed truck and driver across the country.
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Crane Truck Hire QLD Transport is the leading crane truck hire and transport service provider in South East Queensland by offering our clients value for their business. Servicing Gold Coast, Brisbane, Ipswich, Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast, Northern NSW and beyond, we can transport your goods anywhere in the country. We have specialised crane trucks for hire that can lift up to 10 tonnes and cranes that extend up to 30 meters.
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We have a range of flatbed trucks for hire with different tray sizes and carrying capacities. The smaller flatbed trucks can handle up to 6.5 tonnes, while the semi flatbed trucks can take up to 24 tonnes in carrying capacities. Flatbed trucks are perfect to transport just about anything, from pallets to long lengths of steel and timber.


Our trucks are able to carry any load from concrete slabs, timber, machinery, signage, 20’ and 40’ containers and steel. Our flatbed trucks are fully maintained and serviced to provide you with transport services that are on-time every time. Ideal for use in the building, construction and logistics sector, flatbed trucks make delivering loads simple and convenient. With our trucks providing you with a cost-effective transport solution you do not need your own fleet at all.
Flatbed Truck with Crane Hire

Crane Truck Hire QLD: Your Premier Source for Flatbed Truck Services in Queensland

Crane Truck Hire QLD is your go-to solution for flatbed truck services in Queensland. We have flatbed trucks that can handle all kinds of cargo, offering a versatile and efficient solution. Flatbed trucks are perfect for construction, agriculture, and heavy-duty transportation.

Flatbed trucks in our fleet are well-maintained and equipped with the latest technology, ensuring your goods are delivered safely and securely. We understand the importance of timely and efficient delivery, and our experienced drivers ensure that your cargo arrives on schedule.

A crane truck hire QLD team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service. We understand your specific needs and tailor our flatbed truck services accordingly. You will be informed and confident in choosing our services when we prioritize transparency and communication throughout the process.

Crane Truck Hire QLD’s flatbed trucks have the latest safety features to protect your cargo. Trust Crane Truck Hire QLD with your flatbed truck requirements, and rest assured.

Our top-notch flatbed truck services are available at Crane Truck Hire QLD. Contact us today to talk about your transportation needs.

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